Has it really only been last week since I posted? I thought it had been a lot longer than that. Whatever.

Xander has discovered the art of how to crawl backwards. No moving forward yet, but I don't think it will be too much longer. Seriously, I didn't even know babies were supposed to crawl at 6 months. Leslie was like 8 months before the even tried.

It's really windy out today.. ugh. Why can't it just be NICE already??

Brea and Zach will be moved back by the end of the month. Actually, they're supposed to be moved by like the 19th or something. We'll see..

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Ugh, it was stupid and SNOWED today. I don't know why I'm bothering to post that on here, though, because the only people who read it are An (who I just emailed) and Lesha (who I was texting this morning). Whatever.

I think I'm PMSing. I was in a really bad mood today. And then tonight one of my tables had a problem and were really rude to me about it and I almost started crying. I never do that. Stupid woman problems.

Leslie has been so naughty the last few days. It must come with her being 3 now or something. Sometimes I just want to give her away (like today...).

I'm trying to think of a secret this week. Oh, here's a good one. Sometimes I pick fights with my husband just because I need someone to yell at. (It sounds a lot worse than it is. Maybe.)

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I hate when my husband has days off from work during the week. It messes with my normal routine and he wants to be cuddly all day. LEAVE ME ALONE. It's not my fault you had to work this weekend and now you're home.

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And once again, here comes Wednesday, my never ending managing day.. Atleast I don't have to deal with Donnie today. I might have to kill him if I did.

Leslie spent last night with my mom and I totally miss her. Even though she gets up too early and is grouchy a lot.. she's still one of my favorite people in the world and there's nobody else I'd rather see first thing in the morning.

We started watching The Heartbreak Kid last night.. It's like a plug for living together before you get married so you can learn all this stuff about each other. So. Not. Cool. Funny movie, though, if you can look past all that..

I'm starting to think winter is never going to end.. We've had bad storms the last *3* Mondays in a row.. it seriously sucks. There's been snow on the ground since the day before Thanksgiving.. I think that's a little ridiculous, personally. Bring it on, sunshine!

Leslie's been watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a LOT lately.. she loves it. We've watched it atleast once a day for the last 2 weeks or so.. so on Monday night we're watching it and she's like, "Mommy, have you seen this movie before?" and I'm like, uh, YAH. Funny kid, very funny.

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Ugh, this week has sucked.. we decided to make some t-shirts for one of the girls at work.. her boyfriend cheated on her with another girl from work who was supposedly her friend and it's all very scandalous and we just wanted to show her we cared.. so my friend Natalie and I have been collection tshirts and money to make these Team Briana shirts.. anyway, so the other girl just found out about them last night and threatened the boss with suing (which wouldn't go anywhere, the shirts don't say anything bad about HER specifically.. although they are going to say "no backstabbing allowed" on the back.. ) and he was pretty pissed. He'd known about the shirts before but now he's all mad and kind of told Nat that if he heard anything else about them, we'd be fired. Whoops.

Anyway. On the plus side, my daughter is the cutest.. yesterday I was making a cake and while I mixing it up, she was mumbling something.. so I was like, What's that honey? and she was like, "Mommy, I'm just talking by myself!" So I was like, whoops, sorry.. heh. She cracks me up.

So, I just got home from work tonight and was going to feed Xander but I wanted to start a load of laundry and wash my face and stuff before i did.. so he woke up and started crying and when I finally made it back in here, james had him up and like snapped at me to "not grab him" away from him or something.. whatever. He was half asleep, but still, don't need to be a total jerk to me!

Tonight was the season finale of Psych.. I think I'll watch it tomorrow. Or sunday. Or someday. Hey, is the stupid strike over yet? I'm ready for some new Grey's..

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I started taking Tuesday nights off to go to Bible study at my mom's, so Wednesday has officially become my Monday. I might not mind as much, but I manage most Wednesdays and every other one is payday.. so not only do I have to do my regular manager stuff, but I have to stop about every 5 minutes to get someone their check. Arg!

I love the Backyardigans. Today they're being pirates. (My secret this week would be that sometimes I watch it even when Leslie isn't around.)

I uploaded some new pictures on my picture site.. my kids are the cutest, no?

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I'm here, I'm here.. it's been so long! I'd been doing so good about updating, but my computer apparently HATES ME and likes to shut off at random times. Like when I'm in the middle or updating. (Or so I like to tell people.. the truth is, I just don't feel like I have any time to get online anymore)

We're finally getting into a good daily routine, Xander is napping better than ever AND starting to sleep through the night.. it's all very exciting.

I think I'm going to cancel my Netflix.. James doesn't really have time to watch the movies I've been getting and at this point, it doesn't matter to me much one way or the other. I will miss getting movies in the mail, I think, but I might not really miss watching them that much. Anyway, I've been too busy watching reruns of One Tree Hill and the OC on SOAPnet to watch anything else. I still check out Tyra and Dr Phil most days, but they just haven't been all that interesting lately. On a side note, I read somewhere that Tyra's new boyfriend is 50?!?! Crazy lady. Also, very excited for the next cycle of Top Model that starts next month.

Lesh, if you read this, have you been watching Psych? I still love it. ("Can you just check on all the does? Tae Kwon.. cookie.. do-see..")

I'm seriously hooked on this site:
I have to check it every week. My secret this week? Sometimes when i drive my husband's truck, I change the station before I get out so he doesn't know i was listening to country music. (Because I like to make fun of HIM for it, you know.)

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was busy, but very nice. We spent Monday night at James' parents' because they do a big Christmas breakfast at like 6 am or so. We got up and ate while the kids were still asleep, and after Leslie got up we did all our presents.. our big surprise was a new gas grill. I'm so happy about it! I bought James a little charcoal one last year and he wasn't too thrilled with it.. so I'm glad someone else realized that and could make him happy with this one!

Anyway, we made it to my parents' around 11 or so and waited for Brea and Zach.. we opened our stockings while we waited, and mine had a lots of chap stick, nail polish, and other fun little stuff. We did the rest of our presents after they showed up.. my favorite one of the day was definitely my brand new LABEL MAKER!!!!! I've wanted one for years. Now I can label EVERYTHING!! (I think my husband is a little scared.)

So, here's the list of most of what we got.. mostly, it's just all I could remember. The kids got stuff too, but i didn't feel like remembering even more stuff..

Hello Kitty socks
Elvis Calender
Sudoku books (2)
2 photo frames
Apple Cinnamon body scrub and lotion (and they smell delish!)
Pink PJs
Last Word (game)
Coffee mugs and hot cocoa mix
Chap stick
Mad Libs (2)
Joe Boxer Scarf
Foot scrub/splash/file
Nail polish
Cd player
Dvd player
Label Maker
Gas Grill

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So, we had the first of our family Christmases last night.. it went pretty well, and I got to come home early to put Xander to bed (which was a nice added bonus). Tonight we were supposed to go to the other side of the fam's big Christmas dinner, but I decided to keep X at home with me.. last night was just way too much for him to handle, poor guy. Plus, I'm not feeling too hot, so it worked out pretty well.

My birthday was nice.. I actually worked in the morning, but hey, it meant I got to spend time with my friends (at work), so why not? Then James took me out to dinner (in the nice snow storm) and got me tipsy enough that I came home and was in bed by 8:30. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

Merry Christmas to all..
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This might be the Best Week Ever. Monday was our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and it was AWESOME. I have pictures, but I don't have time to show them right now. Later, later..

Today I am working ALL DAY, but Alicia is coming to stay tonight, so, yay! Since I haven't actually "seen" her in.. 2 1/2 years.

Friday Brea and Zach are coming home for 2 weeks.. double yay! I haven't seen her since we went to visit in April and she hasn't met Xander yet.. she's very excited.

My birthday is on Saturday, so again, very yay! I'm working in the morning and I'm not sure what's going on that night.. Brea wants to go shopping, but I haven't asked James if he's made plans or anything.

Sunday we have a family Christmas, Monday we have a family Christmas, then Tuesday we have our regular Christmases with his fam and mine.. I'll be pretty pooped by the time Wednesday comes around, I'm thinking..
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